Nodemind 3.0

Freeware License. Full Version.

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8



NodeMind is the fastest software dedicated to create semantic networks and mind maps. Node or link is created just by several clicks on the map field. Moving around the map by “dragging and dropping”. The operation speed is reached by two main program properties: friendly user interface and optimized program algorithms. NodeMind is “light” for your PC due to its optimised algorithms.


• NodeMind is a convenient mind mapping tool.

• NodeMind allows you to create different schemes and documentations quickly and reliably.

• With the help of NodeMind you may interchange any information with other people.

• The NodeMind schemes make presentation of any information more accessible. Accessibility is indispensable for lessons as well as for different training programs and courses.

• You are able to save more information received at training courses and lessons with the help of mind-map-notes (80% of information in comparison with only 20% obtained with the help of standard notes).

• With the help of NodeMind you are able to arrange and group your knowledge thus facilitating the process of obtaining new information and providing intellectual space for planning and visualization.

• With the help of NodeMind you are able to make not mind maps only, but schemes of business processes as well.

Object properties

Object properties

Decision synthesis

Decision synthesis

Program settings

Program settings

More over...

• NodeMind provides you with high scheming and mind mapping rate. So don`t loose your idea in the course of creation.

• Free objects allocation on the NodeMind infinite map field.

• Convenient work with map field: 5x Zoom; fast map dragging; object search by name and text in object properties.

• Perfect tool for document flow: saving of map along with attached files and images in one .mnd-file; saving of book along with attached maps in one .bnd-file; copying of objects along with attached files to buffer.

• NodeMind provides you convenient work with object properties: creation of additional properties; attachment of files and hyperlinks; creation of events and attachment of images to objects.

• Quick copying of map part in order to print or save as .jpg-file.

• NodeMind provides you with function of encryption data by password.